Man arrested in police sting after agreeing to pay prostitute with hamburger

Man arrested in police sting after agreeing to pay prostitute with hamburger

A man who hails from New Mexico, United States, has been arrested after he agreed to pay a police officer, who was working undercover as a prostitute, with a hamburger.

Dominic Calderon was arrested last week after he approached the undercover police officer who was on a bicycle, believing her to be a sex worker. During negotiations over payment, he said that he wouldn't have enough money until the following week, and proceeded to ask for her phone number.

The officer then saw that the 36-year-old was carrying a takeaway bag from the fast food establishment, Chili's. Per the court report, the woman then asked what was in the bag. He said that it was a hamburger, to which she responded by saying that she could be paid with the food. When the man agreed, he was arrested.

The hamburger was subsequently tagged as evidence.

This Ohio woman was arrested for feeding stray cats:

Police then ran a background check on the man, and discovered that he was a sex offender who was on probation. His probation has now been provoked, and upgraded to a felony warrant.

The state of New Mexico prohibits the purchase or selling of sexual acts. It is also illegal to profit or promote any form of prostitution.

Credit: Bernalillo County Detention Center

In New Mexico, anyone who commits prostitution by selling or accepting sexual acts in exchange for money will be arrested. Further, "sexual acts" are not limited to intercourse, they involve any sexual act, including oral sex or masturbation.

It has not yet been confirmed whether Calderon had an attorney. However, if a police officer entices a person into committing a crime to ensure their arrest, a lawyer could possibly succeed by using an entrapment defence.