McDonald's employee praised for his actions after customer forgot her wallet while buying a meal

McDonald's employee praised for his actions after customer forgot her wallet while buying a meal

A McDonald's employee has come in for high praise once he realised that a customer had forgotten her wallet as she went to pay for her meal.

The employee, who worked at a branch of the restaurant chain out in Ohio, was praised on Facebook by grateful customer Aundrea Duncan, who found herself in a pinch when she missed lunch last week, and went to McDonald's after working late.

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When she got to the window to pay, she realised that she had forgotten her wallet at work, and having not eaten all day, was set to go home hungry. But the employee working that till went above and beyond to ensure that Aundrea Duncan went home happy.

“Friday was a long day at work," Duncan explained in her Facebook post, referring to the employee, named as Jeremiah McDonald-Hemphill, as a "handsome young man". Duncan raved about the kindness that Jeremiah showed, as she recounted what went down that evening:

"I ordered my food but realized as I got to the window to pay, I had left my wallet at work. I told this young man to cancel my order. His response was 'it’s ok ma’m I got you' he then took his wallet out and paid for my meal. What an amazing young man!"

Continuing, Duncan explained that she hadn't talked about the situation in the slightest, but this made the fact that Jeremiah was so generous even more impressive. "He didn’t know how tired I was or that I hadn’t eaten or even if he would be repaid but he didn’t even bat an eye and just acted," she explained.

"We hear so much about what’s wrong with the world I had to share a little of what is right. I am just now posting this because I wanted his permission and I wanted to repay him for his kindness. I asked him if I could hug him and told him to keep being who he is because he is an amazing person."

Jeremiah's generosity earned him plenty of plaudits on Facebook, with over 5,000 people sharing Duncan's post, while 2,000 took the time to praise the young man in the comments. "I believe that there are many good people out there," said Sharon Johnson, while Kathryn Seagrove said:

"Thank you for mentioning this. There are so many good people out there. Others rather post about people or situations that are bad. He is a great example for young people. You going public with this has to make his parents so proud!"

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We all make mistakes from time to time, and in a pinch, we'd all like someone to pull through for us like Jeremiah McDonald-Hemphill did for Aundrea Duncan. It's not always easy to pay for someone else in good faith like that, but Jeremiah's unconditional kindness that day shows that this young man is definitely going places in life.