MMA fighter takes down aggressive anti-Trump protester during flag waving ceremony

MMA fighter takes down aggressive anti-Trump protester during flag waving ceremony

A video has gone viral on social media this week, which shows mixed martial artist Tara LaRosa subduing an anti-Trump protester who was allegedly acting aggressively at a flag-waving ceremony.

According to a report by The Oregonian, the altercation took place on the afternoon of Sunday, October 10. Demonstrators were waving flags at the Interstate 84 overpass in Northeast Portland, when a woman approached LaRosa and a tense argument began.

Watch this recording of the scuffle between the two women below:

The video of the incident doesn't show how the scuffle began, but the two women can be seen wrestling on the ground together, with LaRosa holding the protestor down.

However, this did not deescalate the situation, and the unnamed woman allegedly bit LaRosa through her sweatshirt, shirt, and bra, leaving bite marks on her chest. A Twitter user going by the handle @MrAndyNgo later uploaded pictures of LaRosa's injuries.

The rest of the video shows LaRosa eventually releasing the woman, allowing her to sit up against the overpass fence. She continues to shout at LaRosa and her group, telling them that she is a professor and that the flag-wavers "are antagonizing the city I live in."

Sirens later can be heard in the background, before Portland police and a fire engine arrive.

Some members of the flag-wavers were apparently wearing Proud Boys insignia, a controversial group with ties to the alt-right movement, which has been involved in violent clashes with other protesters in the past.

Check out this video of an anti-Trump protest in the United Kingdom:

Commenting on the situation, Portland Police Sargent Kevin Allen told The Oregonian in an email that: "There are conflicting versions of the events, so we are gathering all of the information we can and referring it to the district attorney."