'Plaid Shirt Guy' trolls Trump on live TV by making hilarious facial expressions at rally

'Plaid Shirt Guy' trolls Trump on live TV by making hilarious facial expressions at rally

On Thursday, President Trump threw a campaign rally in Billings, Montana, despite the fact the next presidential election is over two years away. In a safe space surrounded by adoring fans, he rambled about his grievances, blathered easily disproven false statements and struggled to say the word "anonymous." (Four syllables. Very tricky. Some say, the trickiest. A lot of people don't know that.)

Luckily, this rally was saved by an unidentified man in the crowd. While Trump delivered his passionate speech, 'Plaid Shirt Guy' made hilarious facial expressions, turning to the camera like Jim from The Office. Twitter users quickly noticed his bewildered, skeptical reactions, and applauded him for trolling the president on live TV. As one person put it, "Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear plaid."

After Trump bragged, "We've picked up a lot of support," Plaid Shirt Guy mouthed, "Have you?" In these dark times, Resistance Jim Halpert is the hero we need. The woman standing next to him, who's constantly yawning, appears to be in the joke. Also, the stoic woman in the "Make America Great Again" hat and glasses may be in on it as well?

Sadly, someone from Trump's team removed Plaid Shirt Guy mid-way through the speech. Apparently, his expressions were a little too candid, so they replaced him with a more enthusiastic supporter. But no matter how much that woman smiles and claps, she can never take the place of Plaid Shirt Guy.

"He was replaced with someone who could actually feign enthusiasm for Dear Leader," wrote Twitter user Mrs. Betty Bowers. Dear Leader, of course, refers to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, who famously surrounds himself with fawning sycophants.

Bowers went on to mock the idea of Trump's team casting supporters. "Kimmy, could we get someone in from the cattle call to replace the too-honest guy in the plaid? He’s a crisis. We need an actor!" (Alt-right personalities often accuse school shooting survivors of being 'crisis actors," with zero evidence.)

The internet anxiously awaits for Plaid Shirt Guy to be identified, do a Reddit AMA, appear on Ellen, and host his own talk show on MSNBC. For now, he is anonymous, or, as President Trump would say, "anonamush." It's true, folks, he has the best words. Believe me. Everybody says so.

During his speech, President Trump also praised a Republican congressman for assaulting a reporter, compared himself flatteringly to Abraham Lincoln, falsely claimed that "everyone wants a wall" at the US-Mexico border, falsely claimed Democrats want to take everyone's guns away, falsely claimed an 'anonamush' op-ed written by a senior official in his administration was treasonous, and fondly remembered winning the 2016 election election like Al Bundy bragging about scoring four touchdowns in a high school football game.

And right now, you're probably reacting like Plaid Shirt Guy.