Porsche was driven so fast it took off and smashed into upstairs room, killing two

Porsche was driven so fast it took off and smashed into upstairs room, killing two

A dramatic automobile accident has led to a Porsche going airborne and flying into the second floor of a building in New Jersey, killing two people as a result.

Braden DeMartin and Daniel Foley, aged 22 and 23 respectively, were allegedly speeding in the red 2010 Porsche Boxster convertible, going northbound on Hooper Avenue in the town of Toms River, on Sunday, November 10.

According to police spokesperson Jillian Messina, a spokeswoman for the Toms River Police Department, DeMartin lost control of the car at approximately 6.30 Pm.

He skidded across the roadway and smashed into the embankment. The car then flew through the air and crashed into the second story of a building on the southbound side of Hooper Avenue.

No-one was inside the building, which houses four businesses, including a counseling service and a real estate company, at the time of the accident. Yet tragically DeMartin and Foley were both killed instantly.

DeMartin's girlfriend Kristen Aguiar told NJ.com: "Braden was the funniest, nicest, greatest person I’ve ever met. He’d do anything for anyone. I could never stay mad at him for longer than an hour."

Watch this video of the debris of the car being removed from the building:

Meanwhile, a friend of the two men named Robert Brown added on Facebook: "Dan Foley Braden De Martin I can’t believe it another 2 of my childhood friends gone bro I remember when we used to scooter and bike at the incline club and had no problems or worries I never saw this coming bro I might not have been your best friend or anything but I do remember the good times we had as kids Rest In Peace and god bless your families 😢 [sic]"

In a statement posted on Facebook, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office added: "Two young men lost their lives this morning in an unimaginable accident. The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office extends our deepest sympathy to the families of these two young men."

Nobody else was hurt as a result of the accident.