Raising Cane's fires employees after a video showing unsanitary behavior goes viral

Raising Cane's fires employees after a video showing unsanitary behavior goes viral

No matter how hard you try, it's impossible to have a completely spotless place of work. Thanks to the natural inclination of human existence to slowly descend into chaos, desks become messy, sinks become clogged, and if you're not careful, you could easily find yourself spending the majority of your day in complete filth.

This is especially a problem when your place of work involves preparing food that hundreds, if not thousands or millions, of people will be eating at some point or another.

It's why we fret so sadly when food authorities order massive recalls of food after outbreaks of a disease. It's why we cringe so badly when rats are found scurrying about in our fast food. It's why people rage so madly about a viral video showing employees at a fast food chain distinctly flouting the responsibility that comes with preparing food for other people.

If you're not from the South, then there's a decent chance you've not heard of Raising Cane's. Founded in Louisiana in 1996 and focusing primarily on chicken fingers, they've since expanded as far as Kuwait, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. But they may have attracted some bad publicity after a video made the rounds concerning one of their employees.

Taking place in a Raising Cane's located in the Tiffany Springs area of Kansas City, Missouri, the video is simply captioned "Don't drink tea from Cane's", appearing to have been taken from the Snapchat app. As you can see above, the video shows an employee dunking her bare hands into the tea, swirling it around with her fingers.

Then, once she's done that, she then proceeds to place the contaminated tea into the receptacle, ready for unsuspecting customers to drink. The video has since been viewed over 500,000 times at time of writing, with over 9,000 shares and an understandably large amount of angry reacts.

The Snapchat caption on the video says the employee involved here is "tryflin cause we don't care no more [sic]", but if that's the case, it might not be the best idea to carry on working at that particular establishment. In any case, the employees involved in this video have been fired, and Raising Cane's has released a statement relating to the incident.

"Our 19,000+ Crewmembers take pride in what we do; we take the integrity of our products very seriously and we will not tolerate actions that compromise our high standards. As soon as we were made aware of the incident at our Tiffany Springs restaurant, we launched a full investigation and have taken the necessary action, including terminating the Crewmembers involved.

We are incredibly disappointed by the actions of these Crewmembers, this is not who we are as a company and we deeply regret any concern caused. Moving forward, we will work to ensure additional training for all Crewmembers to reinforce Cane’s values."

It just goes to show: while this is the kind of pranking you could get away with 10 or 15 years ago, in the internet age, there was simply no way this wasn't going to get out. Hopefully though, a couple of bad eggs doesn't put you off the Raising Cane's experience unnecessarily.