Susan Sarandon arrested at anti-Trump protest

Susan Sarandon arrested at anti-Trump protest

In the run-up to the 2016 US election, Susan Sarandon received heavy criticism from fans after she refused to support Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate. She was never pro-Trump, by any means, but her stance was perceived to be anti-feminist by many people, especially women.

However, the Thelma and Louise star proved yesterday that she was not one to shy away from a political cause, as she was arrested along with almost 600 other women for protesting President Donald Trump's immigration policy.

Sarandon was one of a huge crowd of women who showed up to support the #WomenDisobey sit-in, which took place on Thursday 28th June inside a Senate office at the Department of Justice in Washington. The purpose of the demonstration was to show resistance against Trump's aggressive crackdown on immigrant families crossing the southern border, with particular attention given to the thousands of children that have been "lost" after being separated from their parents.

Protestors were recorded chanting "we care" - an obvious reference to Melania's now-infamous jacket, which had the words, "I really don't care do u?" emblazoned on the back. They also carried banners and placards displaying messages of unity with immigrants, along with signs that called for an end to detention camps.

Some women even made the decision to wear foil blankets: the same type that appeared in photographs of children who had been taken from their parents at the US-Mexico border.

Tweets from the event - many of which were shared by Sarandon - show the extent of the protest.

Sarandon also used her platform to fire back at some Twitter users who criticised her for taking part in the march.

Even since election, the 71-year-old actor has refused to backtrack on previous comments she made about Clinton, and maintains that the candidate could have been just as dangerous as Trump.

"I did think she was very, very dangerous. We would still be fracking, we would be at war [if she was president]. It wouldn’t be much smoother. Look what happened under Obama that we didn’t notice," she said in an interview at the end of last year.

However, with regards to immigration, it seems obvious that Sarandon has some serious qualms with the Trump administration's handling of policy.

As reported by Politifact, "Some 2,000 children have been separated from the adults they were traveling with across the U.S. border, according to the latest figures from the Department of Homeland Security. The children were separated from 1,940 adults from April 19 through May 31 as a result of border-crossing prosecutions."

And, while it's true that the Obama administration was also tough on immigration, it was Jeff Sessions' "zero tolerance" policy announcement in April that changed the way immigrant families are dealt with.

"Obama generally refrained from prosecution in cases involving adults who crossed the border with their kids," explained Peter Margulies, a professor at Roger Williams University School of Law. "In contrast, the current administration has chosen to prosecute adult border-crossers, even when they have kids. That's a choice — one fundamentally different from the choice made by both Obama and previous presidents of both parties."

Everyone who was arrested at the protest - including Sarandon - was subsequently charged and released.