The 30-year-old man who was evicted from his parents' house is finally leaving home

The 30-year-old man who was evicted from his parents' house is finally leaving home

While some people may genuinely despise us, we millennials do have a bit of a rough ride. Questionable career prospects and a severe lack of economic growth mixed in with rising rent prices mean that our futures look pretty bleak. And, because of this gloomy outlook, we quite often ended up living with our parents for longer than either party particularly want to. However, for one family, this has caused numerous issues.

You may have heard of Michael Rotondo, the 30-year-old man who was ordered by a judge to move out of his parent's house. Michael moved back in with his folks eight years ago and since then, he has paid no rent, refused to help with the housework and his parents have continuously asked him to leave their property.

Rotondo wanted an extra six months to vacate the property, something which State Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood called "outrageous," and he then served Rotondo with an eviction notice.

According to court filings, Rotondo states that he "has never been expected to contribute to household expenses, or to assist with chores and the maintenance of the premises", and claims that this is simply a component of his living agreement. In an interview with reporters outside the courthouse, Rotondo said: "I just wanted a reasonable amount of time to vacate, with consideration to the fact that I was not really prepared to support myself at the time of the notices."

However, while Rotondo had no choice but to leave, he didn't go down quietly. He partook in the most awkward interview ever in which he said his parents were attacking him and that he didn't want to live with them, but also didn't want a place for himself. It wasn't his only contradiction, either. Throughout the interview, Rotondo made a number of bizarre statements, including saying that he wasn't a millennial before declaring that he was.

"I would say that I’m really not a member of that demographic that they’re speaking to," Rotondo said about millennials. "I’m a very conservative person. The millennials that they’re speaking to are very liberal in their ideology." Again, however, he contradicted himself, and interrupted the interviewer trying to say goodbye by saying, "I am a millennial."

But, it looks like Michael's parents have now got their wish and their son is (finally) moving out.

"That's it. That's the end of my relationship with them other than court proceedings. There's nothing more to say," he said.

Rotondo was seen packing up his belongings on Thursday, after being given a Friday deadline from the courts. He claims that he will keep most of his stuff in storage and has booked himself an Airbnb for the week in order to keep a roof over his head.

It's a pretty incredible case and sheds light on a nationwide problem: according to a report by the United States Census Bureau, more Americans aged 18-34 are living with their parents than any other arrangement, approximately 22.9 million people.