The woman who pushed her friend off a 60ft bridge has allegedly been revealed for the first time

The woman who pushed her friend off a 60ft bridge has allegedly been revealed for the first time

Who needs enemies when you have friends like Jordan Holgerson's? Last week, the 16-year-old girl ended up making headlines after a video of her went viral on YouTube, which showed the teen being shoved off the side of the Moulton Falls bridge in Washington state; taking a 60ft tumble into the waters below. Holgerson was left seriously injured after friends goaded her into taking a leap off the landmark, before one of them violently shoved her off. She was rushed to hospital after suffered five broken ribs and a lung injury.

When the clip was uploaded to YouTube, it quickly got a lot of attention. One commenter wrote: "Man, this is brutal. Whomever it was that pushed this girl doesn't realise it now, but she will bear the burden of guilt of this for the rest of her life. I only hope she realises how wrong it was sooner than later, owns up to it, seeks forgiveness and makes amends, whatever the cost may be. It was so fortunate the girl didn't die. Thank God."

But the question on everyone's lips was this: Just who was the culprit? This video footage was quite blurry, and thus it was quite hard to make out the identity of the person doing the shoving. Well, apparently the name of the guilty girl in question has been discovered, and that person is apparently an 18-year-old named Taylor Smith, according to family members of Holgerson.

As if that wasn't enough, it appears that Smith is apparently unconcerned by the fact that she seriously harmed Holgerson. Images and videos uploaded to her Instagram account show her partying at the recent county fair, apparently unconcerned about the injuries she inflicted. A source close to Smith apparently told the Daily Mail that: "Taylor has been going out as if nothing happened. Taylor hasn't been to visit Jordan to see if she is ok. She clearly doesn't care. She messaged Jordan to say sorry but nobody thinks it was a sincere apology."

In a recent interview with local media outlets, Jordan's mother Genelle stated: "Recovery’s gonna be slow with her ribs, and her chest ... If she fell a different way she could have broken her neck, become paralysed. She could have died. My daughter’s gonna have a long road to recovery and I think that she should probably just turn herself in – realise what she did wrong. This is not okay. She could have killed my daughter."

It remains to be seen whether Jordan and her family will press charges or not, but until then we wish her a speedy recovery and hope that she gets well soon. If you'd like to do her a favour and help out with her medical bills, then please visit her GoFundMe page and make a generous donation. I'm sure she'd appreciate it very much.