This incredible real-life Spider-Man explores New York by jumping across rooftops

This incredible real-life Spider-Man explores New York by jumping across rooftops

A Marvel comics superfan has stunned social media with his Spidermanesque feats of parkour. Vincent Vinciguerra, a 23-year-old lifeguard who hails from New York City, has conquered his fear of heights by leaping around the rooftops of NYC, equipped with a camera to capture footage of his astonishing stunts. Vincent would, as a child, often watch videos of French parkourists, and wished that he could follow in their footsteps. He first tried it out at the age of 12, leaping 12 feet from the roof of his school onto a shipping container. From then on he was utterly hooked.

However, Vincent has sustained numerous injuries as a result of his usual hobby. At the age of 13 he cracked his skull open trying to land on a railing outside his mother's office, and his model girlfriend, Danae Stokes, still worries about his safety, and often expects to get a call from the emergency room. He's come close to having a fatal accident on a number of occasions, once tripping over his heel as he ran across a narrow strip of metal 20 storeys up. Vincent was only able to save himself at the last minute by catching a three-foot wide ledge.

Commenting on his parkour experiences, Vincent stated: "I have always been a big Spider-Man fan and climbing across the city is really like living out my childhood fantasy. Often, when I’m out on the rooftops, people will see me from the window of their apartments and shout something like, ‘Hey Spidey!’  For me, this is, basically, the most flattering thing I could ever hope to hear. It’s really an honour."

"I started out just watching the videos and finding places where I could try similar moves. I’d begin on the ground, but pretty soon started taking on low-level buildings. It was pretty basic, but I knew as soon as I started that it was something I really loved and wanted to get good at ... It puts things in perspective when you’re up that high. It’s a humbling experience that lets you know how little you are in the grand scheme of things."

He added: "Obviously I’m aware of the dangers and I know that any wrong step could mean me plummeting to my death. I weigh up the risk and the reward, and the euphoria and sense of calm I get from discovering the city from above street level makes it all worth it. The fear is obviously there sometimes. But I do think the fear can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, meaning that if you imagine yourself falling, you’re more likely to."

It's good that Vincent has managed to conquer his phobias, and found a hobby he enjoys so much. But if you've watched his videos and been inspired by, please be sensible, and don't try any of these stunts at home. They really are pretty damn dangerous.