This is what happens why you try and jump the queue in Detroit

This is what happens why you try and jump the queue in Detroit

I don't know about you, but I don't really know how to conduct myself when someone jumps in line. If I'm on my own, I'll roll my eyes and do nothing about it. If I'm with friends, I might grumble and moan about them cutting in. But you can bet I won't actually do anything, because I'd feel far too socially awkward.

However, there are some people who will take more direct action, as these customers did in a Hot Taco restaurant in Detroit last week. On the evening of Friday, July 13, a man walked in and headed straight to the front of the queue to make his order.

Apparently, various staff and other customers told the man not to cut in line and wait for those that had been there longer to make their orders, but he plain refused.

A brawl even broke out between the man and one of the other patrons, who clearly had the upper hand in the fight. "Back the f*ck up bro!" the furious customer yells at one point. "You came here after me bro! You came here after me. Back the f*ck up!"

Another customer is forced to intervene and eventually drags the man in the red t-shirt away from the counter, before restaurant security breaks the fight up and sets things straight.

It has been claimed that the security staff later ordered all customers involved in the brawl to leave the restaurant following the incident, which seems fair enough to me. I don't really want to walk into a battle from Street Fighter when I'm trying to get my Friday night taco.