This retired General has humiliated Ivanka Trump with one single tweet

This retired General has humiliated Ivanka Trump with one single tweet

Since Donald Trump took over the role of president last year, he's received a great deal of criticism about how poorly he's handled the role. However, let's be fair to the guy for a moment - it's not just him who's made mistakes.

The rest of his family has, too.

In the last few months alone, Don Jr. turned a few heads after casually discussing his and his father's penis size, Eric Trump made himself the laughing stock of conspiracy theory Twitter after saying that Ellen DeGeneres was part of the deep state, and Tiffany Trump basically humiliated her dad when she made her political opinions very clear on Instagram.

And don't even get me started on Ivanka.

Right from the start, Ivanka's role in the White House was questionable at best. Aside from being the President's daughter (and, at times, the object of his creepy affections), it seemed that the 36-year-old didn't really have any connection to politics whatsoever.

Since then, she's gone on to prove how truly clueless she is in pretty much every aspect of her life - from the time she wished her son "happy birthday" on the day he turned eight months old, to the time she Instagrammed a negative headline about her father, cheerfully captioning it, "Thank you America!"

And that's without even mentioning her recent decision to dress up as a scientist, or the countless times she's spoken out about women's equality or sexual assault without even addressing the fact that her father is accused of sexually inappropriate behavior with more than a dozen women.

Given her track record, then, it was hardly a surprise to see her tweet something like this:

Now, at first you might be thinking, "What's the issue here?" Ivanka isn't wrong in what she's saying - there is a definite problem with obesity in the states, and kids not having access or interest in sports and physical activities is a huge contributor to that.

The thing is, there's already a whole council dedicated to dealing with it. Unfortunately, under President Trump's government, nobody has been appointed to it - meaning that Ivanka was complaining about something that her father actively allowed by rolling back things that the former government had encouraged.

But, apparently, she wasn't aware of this, so retired general Mark Hertling helped point it out for her:

In February this year, Trump expanded the number of council members from 25 to 30, but still hasn't actually appointed anyone to the positions. Indeed, the website for the secretary of Health and Human Services - the category the council falls under - still lists members as "to be announced" today.

In the same vein, Trump has also postponed plans for schoolchildren to have access to healthier school lunches, and has very outwardly discussed the prospect of cutting public healthcare.

What's more, if Ivanka actually advised her father (you know, as it's supposedly her job to do), rather than just tweeting about issues - perhaps she'd have more of a chance of making these things happen.

Then again, that might spoil the fun of calling her out on Twitter.