Twins left stunned by massive tip from generous customer's holiday tradition

Twins left stunned by massive tip from generous customer's holiday tradition

A group of charitable restaurant-goers has spread a bit of yuletide cheer over the holidays after they generously gave a pair of twin waitresses at a Colorado inn an incredible $3,000 tip this Christmas.

According to a report by Yahoo Lifestyle, a large group, which consisted of friends, neighbors, and spouses, participated in an annual festive event known as 'Shock and Claus' - which encourages people to give their servers big tips.

This time, the event took place at the Village Inn in Loveland. There, twins Taylor and Tiffany Erwin served the happy crowd. After the total bill for the evening's revelry came to an end, the bill came to a total of $416.58.

Ceri Anderson, who organized the event, then had the 30 restauranteurs donate their money to the two 26-year-olds, giving them approximately $1,800 each.

Anderson later wrote on Facebook: "We were 30 strong today at our local Village Inn. Our servers were twins who have both worked at VI for eight years! Enjoyed our meal, our conversations and camaraderie. The tip for EACH of our servers was $1350. All parties left with a smile on their face and a warm heart. Be Kind and Do Good. [sic]"

In a later interview, Anderson stated: "A co-worker heard about a movement called ‘Shock and Claus’ where you go to a restaurant with other people, give a huge tip, and leave without saying anything ... We pretended that we were in a goal-setting group and were meeting to discuss the upcoming year."

Recently, a woman left a $5,000 tip to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend:

Meanwhile, Tiffany commented on the fact that neither she nor her sister was aware of who their guests were, or what they had planned, stating: "We had no idea, nothing seemed suspicious. It’s amazing that they do this every year. It was very generous."