Will and Jada Smith just realized they've spent half their lives together and their Instagram exchange will melt your heart

Will and Jada Smith just realized they've spent half their lives together and their Instagram exchange will melt your heart

With over 20 years of marriage under their belts, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are an inspiration to all people trying to make romances work - especially those in Hollywood relationships. After all, as time has gone on, it has become practically unheard of to find a pair who had made it past the two-year mark, let alone the 20 one.

But one important thing that you have to do after being with someone that long is pause, look around you, and think about all you have achieved in your time together. That's exactly what Will and Jada did on Instagram recently when they came to the realisation that they'd been together for more than half of their lives.

Yesterday, the Men in Black actor posted an adorable photo of him and his wife together, dressed casually and smiling at the camera. His caption read: "I just realized... This year we’ve been together more than HALF OUR LIVES! @jadapinkettsmith".

Pretty cute, right? Jada certainly thought so, replying with an even sweeter message that melted the hearts of people on the internet. "How did we switch roles today???," she put. "You write something sentimental and I'm trying to be funny on my insta LOL! But can u believe it? A whole lotta growth and miracles along the way. I'm proud of us :)".

Of course, the heartfelt exchange was well-received by the couple's followers on social media, who soon began commenting on the post. "Many blessings be poured upon you," wrote Instagram user @mmc0205. "May you have many more years of love, happiness and good health together @willsmith @jadapinkettsmith".

They were joined by fellow Instagram user @we_transformation who put "Beautiful couple. Such lovely inspiring people :)," as well as @lovelaugandlive who said "Love you guys together because you are the powerful couple???".

So, what did Jada mean when she spoke about them switching roles? In case you're wondering, it's likely that the Girls Trip actress was referring to a hilarious video she had uploaded to Instagram earlier. The footage in question showed a cat lying on its bed and a dog refusing to let it rest, pushing it across the room and irritating it. She captioned the post "Will and I. Can you guess who’s who? ? @catloversclub," leading her followers to speculate about what the answer could be.

The two stars met for the first time on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when the 19-year-old aspiring actress auditioned for the role of Will's character's girlfriend. Despite losing out because she was too short, they went on to become friends and eventually got together, with Will popping the question two years later.

After just a one-month engagement, the pair wed in a secret New Year's Eve wedding in front of 100 guests at the Cloisters Mansion in Baltimore and went on to have two children together, Jayden and Willow, who are now stars in their own right.

Fancy throwing a few relationship tips our way, Will and Jada? After more than 20 years together, it seems like you could teach us all an awful lot.