Woman gives birth at Six Flags, park gives her and the baby the best gift ever

Woman gives birth at Six Flags, park gives her and the baby the best gift ever

If you're pregnant, you're probably planning to give birth in the hospital. But sometimes those plans fall through. For example, recently late night talk show host Seth Meyers told a hilarious story about how his wife ended up giving birth in the apartment lobby. Her contractions came fast, and the baby wasn't waiting for anybody. "She looked like someone who was hiding a baby in a pair of sweatpants," reflected Seth.

One woman in Georgia also gave birth in an unusual place: Six Flags amusement park. The woman, who identified herself as Crusita, brought her daughter to Six Flags Over Georgia last Monday. But while she came into the park with one kid, she left with two. Crusita unexpectedly went into labor at the Hurricane Harbor waterpark.

Fox 5 Atlanta reports that Cruista ran to the first aid section of the park and asked for assistance. There was no time to go to the hospital. Emergency responders arrived and helped her give birth to healthy baby. She named him Matthew. (I wonder if her daughter was upset that her little brother cut their day at Six Flags short. He's already ruining her life!)

Six Flags was thrilled about event, tweeting a photo of Crusita and her baby: "IT'S A SIX FLAGS BABY BOY! We are thrilled to announce little Mathew was born at Hurricane Harbor on Monday afternoon! Congrats."

But that's not all. The park gave both Crusita and Matthew the best gift ever: Diamond Elite Memberships, which allow them to enter any Six Flags park for free at any time for the rest of their lives. (Once again, the first born daughter is left out. I bet she's so annoyed at her little brother!)

"All of us at Six Flags Over Georgia wish Crusita, Mathew, and their entire family a lifetime of happiness, health, and many thrilling roller coaster rides together," a Six Flags spokesperson told Fox 5. (Well, now I'm not going to call my mom and yell at her for giving birth to me in a hospital, like a sucker.)

This story is similar to another one from last week. A mother gave birth at a Chick-fil-A in Texas and the baby was granted free Chick-fil-A for life. They also guaranteed her a job there when she turns 16. So, apparently now if you give birth in any type of business, they'll give you free products or service for life? Twitter users imagined the possibilities.

One person pointed out that by this logic, if you give birth in a hospital, you should get free health care for life. Good point!

If you're pregnant, you may want to consider giving birth in your favorite store, amusement park, restaurant, movie theater, real estate office or auto dealership. Don't blow it like this woman, who gave birth in her own backyard. You don't get anything free that way!