Woman smashes laptop over boyfriend's head after he looked at another woman on flight

Woman smashes laptop over boyfriend's head after he looked at another woman on flight

Flying is a difficult experience for most people. Between the dry cabin air, cramped seating and bathroom inaccessibility, it's hard to stomach too many hours on an airplane. It's even harder when a physical altercation breaks out in the aisle next to you.

Yesterday, Julia Scorupco tweeted a video of a fight she witnessed on her flight. Amidst a string of profanities, a woman became aggressive with her boyfriend, supposedly even slapping him off-camera at one point, judging by the gasps that follow.

The argument started when the woman accused her boyfriend - who we later learn is named Memo - of having a lingering gaze. She tells him to "shut the f*ck up" before asking "you wanna f*cking try to look at other women? F*ck you."

When a flight attendant alerted the woman that there was a child seated behind her, the woman responded "yeah I know, I f*cking consoled the f*cking child."

Next, she blamed her boyfriend for starting the fight, though we hadn't heard him audibly say anything at this point. When a flight attendant attempted to further deescalate the situation, she yelled: "He's the f*cking problem."

But the staff clearly saw that Memo was not the problem. So, they asked her to bring her bag to the front of the plane. The woman, however, refused to go anywhere without her wayward boyfriend.

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When the woman threatened Memo to never come back to her house again, or she'd call the police, we hear the boyfriend for the first time say that the woman was out of control. At this point, the flight attendants motioned for the man to come with them instead, probably thinking that he'd be more cooperative. And they were right. Memo climbed over his girlfriend (though I bet they're not still dating at this point) to the aisle.

But she wasn't going to let Memo get away that easily, at least not without a fight. She followed her man and swiftly brought a laptop down over his head. You read that right. I can't help but wonder what she was watching on Netflix before she assaulted Memo.

Next, she repeatedly hit him over the head with her fist. We hear patrons in the cabin scream. Rightfully so.

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When the woman turned around to try to return to her seat, the flight attendant stopped her. But she pushed back, saying: "I'm going to go get my purse." Who wouldn't go back for a pink, sparkly backpack?

When the flight attendant asked the man if he was okay, the woman proceeded to get even angrier, and we hear an off-camera voice tells her she's going to be charged with assault, to which she responds "yeah, whatever" before running after her boyfriend saying "oh yeah, Memo?"

Most angry responses to the tweet comment on the woman's frequent use of the n-word in the video.

The video has the caption"hot girl summer has been postponed until further notice", and now has more than 90,000 likes and 29,000 retweets.

The woman who tweeted the video has confirmed that the aggressive woman was arrested.