Woman tells Spanish speakers: "I hope Trump deports you"

Woman tells Spanish speakers: "I hope Trump deports you"

A woman at a Pennsylvania store has been filmed making racist comments to another woman, and mocking her for speaking Spanish.

The video, which has since gone viral on social media, shows a Puerto Rican woman being confronted by an irate white woman while out shopping at a supermarket. The woman subjected her to a verbal tirade over her and other shoppers speaking a different language.

The alarming incident was filmed by the victim, an Abington resident named Johanny Santana. Santana later uploaded the video to Facebook, where it quickly went viral, and now boasts over 400,000 views.

Check out the shocking bigoted rant in the video below: 

Santana captioned the video: "I just argued with a racist person They will say that I am [a mad person]. But it is not so that I can record the situation and take advantage of a VIDEO that A PERSON WITH SO HATE HAS SEEN 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷 [sic]"

In a later interview with NBC, Santana stated that the woman had been making racially insensitive comments towards other people in the store before launching into her bigoted spiel, and began cursing when they were waiting in line and overheard a grandfather and grandson speak in Spanish.

The furious caucasian woman made a number of culturally offensive statements, such as "I was born here, you don’t belong here", before stating that: "We want your f*cking money back. You’re illegal. I hope Trump deports you."

A number of internet users have reacted with disgust to the video:






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