'World's best boss' gives his 200 employees $10 million Christmas bonus

'World's best boss' gives his 200 employees $10 million Christmas bonus

A heartwarming video has gone viral on social media this week, which shows the 'world's best boss' giving his 200 employees a $10 million Christmas bonus.

The video shows workers at their end-of-year Christmas party being given envelopes which each contained cheques for approximately $50,000 each. The CEO of the Maryland-based firm claims he wanted to make a "significant" impact on the lives of those responsible for the company fulfilling its annual targets.

Take a look at the heartwarming moment the employees received their life-changing bonus:

In the footage captured on Saturday, December 7, chairman and founder Edward St John revealed the huge bonus to astonished employees, who were left tearful with gratitude over the vast sum of cash.

In a speech made to his workforce, St John stated: "To celebrate the achievement of our goal, we wanted to reward our employees in a big way that would make a significant impact on their lives. I am thankful for every one of our employees, for their hard work and dedication."

"I couldn’t think of a better way to show it. I may steer the boat, but they're the ones that run the boat. They are the ones that make the boat go. Without the team, we are nothing."

Those employees who had worked for St John Properties for longer received slightly larger bonuses, but there's no doubt that everyone was grateful to be gifted such a huge amount.

Edward St John's company has had the distinction of hitting its target of developing 20 million square feet of office, retail and warehouse space across the United States this year. However, it's clear that the boss is no Ebenezer Scrooge.

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