Zac Efron's brother posted the ultimate thirst trap, so Zac Efron hilariously trolled him

Zac Efron's brother posted the ultimate thirst trap, so Zac Efron hilariously trolled him

There's a little-known secret in Hollywood, and that secret goes by the name of Dylan Efron. In case you're not yet in on it, allow me to introduce you.

Dylan Efron is Zac Efron's brother and is just as much a hot, funny, intelligent, all-round babe, as his famous sibling. The internet first became aware of the 26-year-old's existence a few years ago when Zac posted an adorable picture of him getting a piggyback with his bro on Instagram. Predictably, people were excited. There was not only one good-looking Efron, but two?! Life has truly blessed us all.

Ever since then, people have been avidly following Dylan on social media, swooning at his good looks, wowing at his intellect, cooing at his family pics and being seriously impressed by his dedication to fitness and exercise. Want to see for yourself? Take a look at his Instagram.

So, we can all agree that both brothers are pretty rad, right? But, as cliché as it sounds, despite their fame, the Efron siblings are just like us, and by this I mean that they love to troll each other online.

This became clear recently when Dylan uploaded a picture of himself working out topless that sent his followers wild. Clinching an impressive 58,000 likes on Instagram, the image showed the 26-year-old Californian native flashing his tight abs, bulging biceps and toned thigh, wearing a bright blue cap, navy blue shorts and socks and trainers. He captioned the steamy photo - hilariously described by many as a "thirst trap" - "Home gym Sundays".

However, imagine if your brother posted a photo flexing his muscles - would you let them get away with it? No, the answer is no, you most definitely wouldn't. Enter Zac, who trolled him in the comment section by writing "Stop stealing my socks". I guess sharing isn't caring when it comes to bros.

Obviously, the actor's fans loved his quip, also taking to the comment section to express their appreciation for the brotherly banter they had just witnessed. "@zacefron ahahahaha you tell him!!!!???," wrote Instagrammer @ellaxgardner. She was joined by fellow social media user @sammieeleighann who put "sibling relationships in 4 words ??" and caitycait08 who was on Zac's side, posting "but on the real who borrows someone else’s socks. It’s like borrowing undergarments ya just don’t?".

Judging from Instagram, the boys have been spending a lot of time together recently. This year they have documented their adventures, hikes and travels around the world together, much to everyone's enjoyment.

While Zac was off making himself a star, Dylan was just as busy studying economics at California Polytechnic State University’s San Luis Obispo campus, graduating in 2013. He has also followed his brother onto the show business scene, having worked as the assistant to producer Ravi Mehta on films Get Hard, CHIPS and Unforgettable.

As for Zac, the High School Musical star will next year appear opposite Matthew McConaughey in The Beach Bum, as well as playing serial killer Ted Bundy in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Have boys Efron boys - and remember to post whatever you're doing on Instagram!