40,000 people want to storm Bermunda Triangle because 'it can't swallow all of us'

40,000 people want to storm Bermunda Triangle because 'it can't swallow all of us'

Recently, one particular conspiracy theory has been given quite a bit more publicity than usual, and that's the Area 15-alien conspiracy theory.

It all started with a simple Facebook event which saw over a million people pledge to raid Area 51 - a top-secret area of Nevada, where some believe extraterrestrial activity occurs.

It was initially believed to be little more than an over-enthusiastic joke for people with just a little too much time on their hands. However, the US Air Force has since warned people to stay away from Area 51.

Now, Area 51 aside, as far as conspiracy theories go - few have some spawned quite so many as the Bermuda Triangle.

bermuda triangle Credit: Getty

The Bermuda Triangle is, of course, the region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where various aircraft and ships are believed to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

And now, via a Facebook page called 'Storm Bermuda Triangle, It Can’t Swallow All of Us', thousands of people - 40,000 to be exact - are planning to storm the Bermuda Triangle on the basis of "it can't swallow all of us".

The conspiracy theorists are coming up with any methods they can to find "the lost pilots and the hidden islands in the mysterious triangle" and "clap sea monster cheeks."

"Let’s steal the new Titanic and use that as transportation because THEN we have plenty of room and bonus it’s “UNSINKABLE," one suggested as a survival strategy.

Bermuda triangle, conceptual computer artwork. Credit: Getty

"Question, do I gotta know how to swim to storm Bermuda?" one person asked.

Of course, there were a number of people who planned to jump on both the Area 51 raid, and the storming of the Bermuda Triangle:

"Realest talk ever guys I'm going to storm area 51 and flood the Bermuda triangle," one said. "If I make it cool, if I die cool. Either way it's happening."

Who knows what will come of all this - I'm just looking forward to the next conspiracy theory to send thousands of people on a bizarre Facebook-driven mission.