Angry wife puts her husband for sale on eBay for only $20

Angry wife puts her husband for sale on eBay for only $20

Christmas is a time for family, which means that it's also a time for people and their loved ones to get on each other's nerves. Think about it: how many arguments have you and your family had over Christmas dinner over the years? Maybe it's because your grandmother decided to bring up some long-winded and embarrassing anecdote, maybe your dad and sister argue about someone she's been dating, and maybe your mom and brother have a falling out because he didn't set the table until it was almost too late.

Most of these squabbles end in a frank exchange of views before the participants flounce off to bed, only for them to take up the next morning with (most likely) a hangover and indigestion, and sheepishly apologise for their prior remarks. However, this year a woman who hails from Germany apparently got so fed up with her spouse that she decided to take things to the next level. Rather than continue to nag at him, she decided to see if she could pawn him off at that ultimate repository for everything broken, missing and useless: eBay.

An image of the woman's eBay listing for her husband. Credit: eBay

The Hamburgian woman, known only as 'Dorte L', took to the auctioneering site to sell her husband after the two of them had a festive altercation.  The advert for the auctioned man was entitled "Husband: Used" and accompanied by an image of the couple’s Christmas tree. Dorte stated that potential buyers could come round to their home to collect the man on Christmas Day, and that he could be "road tested" on Boxing Day.

The advert read: "Dear women who may be interested. Over the first two days of Christmas I have realised that we simply don't belong together any more. I would like to give up my husband. I am happy to negotiate the price. But no exchange. Please send me inquiries over email."

Speaking to the Hamburger Abendblatt, she said her husband was unaware of the advert until it appeared in local newspapers, stating: The advert was very well received. I got a lot of positive feedback and someone sent me a lot of smiley emoticons. I didn't want to make a drama out of it at all. It was just for some amusement."

An image of the eBay logo. Credit: Getty

This isn't the first time that someone has tried to sell something unlikely on the website. Earlier this year, a man named Chris Pollitt attempted to sell his house on eBay. Commenting on the bizarre listing of his own home, Pollitt stated: "It's been on the market around six months, and in that time I've had about eight or nine viewings, but you can tell straight away none of them were serious. Since posting on eBay I've had a few messages and they all seem to be more interested in actually buying the place than just coming for a look around." 

So there you go, some lucky person could end up with a new home and hubby in the next few weeks! Isn't eBay grand?