Brawl erupts at wedding after groom allegedly assaults underage waitress

Brawl erupts at wedding after groom allegedly assaults underage waitress

A couple's wedding is supposed to be one of the best days of their lives. For one newlywed bride and groom in Pennsylvania, however, it ended up being the worst.

Matthew Aimers, a 31-year-old groom, was arrested on his wedding day after starting a brawl amongst guests.

The ruckus was allegedly started when Aimers propositioned an underage waitress who was catering his reception dinner. According to an affidavit, Aimers "asked her to go outside and make out." He also apparently told the teenager that the two of them could "do whatever you want," but she refused.

In retaliation, the bridegroom later followed her to the bathroom, where he sexually assaulted her and exposed himself. The waitress also claims that he offered her $100 in cash for her to comply with his advances. Again, she refused, and ran from the bathroom.

It is not quite clear what happened after this but, a couple of hours later, police were called because a fight had broken out at the reception venue.

matthew aimers Credit: Bucks County DA

As the night was supposed to be winding down to a close, Northampton Township police were called to reports of an altercation. When they arrived, one employee at the venue explained that Aimers had punched him after he requested that the groom did not take any alcohol outside of the building.

Even while the police were there, Aimers was "pushing and punching people". When he was challenged by law enforcement, the groom ran to a nearby shuttle bus and managed to get on board. He was eventually removed by an officer who threatened to taze him if he did not come quietly.

He continued to argue with officers and tried to goad them into a fight before being taken away to a nearby police station.

Matthew Aimers groom arrested Credit: Facebook

The incident happened on November 24th last year, but Aimers did not get a preliminary hearing until January 17th. He is set to be arraigned next week in Bucks County Court, and will be facing a separate preliminary hearing for the alleged sexual assault on February 21st.

He was released earlier this week after posting $35,000 of the requested $350,000 bail.

Aimers' attorney, Louis Busico, stated yesterday that his client "absolutely denies all charges." He continued: "[Aimers] maintains his innocence, and he looks forward to clearing his name when this is all concluded."

Despite the terrible end to the evening, pictures from the day were still posted to social media.

Matthew Aimers groom arrested Credit: Facebook

Aimers' bride has not given a public comment on the matter, and it is not yet clear whether the two are still married.