Disgusting video shows a man ladling soup directly into his mouth at grocery store salad bar

Disgusting video shows a man ladling soup directly into his mouth at grocery store salad bar

Going to the grocery store is always a bit of a solid, if not unspectacular, activity we all have to carry out once a week, like doing your laundry or waking up at two in the afternoon and doing nothing but eat pizza and watch Netflix. Although takeout is always awesome, it's also... super expensive, and with groceries, you can feed yourself and pay your rent.

It's pretty great.

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But while you're out there shoving various boxes of cereal and bags of vegetables into a shopping cart, you might get a little hungry, looking at all the food and knowing that you're not going to get to have any for at least the next hour.

That's where the salad bar comes in: instant food, maybe a bit of deli deliciousness, and tons of energy to finish your shop. But while you might be hungry, the grocery store salad bar is a place where you should be especially careful of contamination, what with all the food lying there exposed to the elements.

Plus, a video is going mega viral on Twitter, causing people to put down their lunches and dinners, after a man was caught on camera ladling soup directly into his mouth at a Chicago grocery store.

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Although we readily associate them with the Royal Family and stuffy, rich 80s-movie villains who will eventually be foiled in their plans to demolish the rec center, there's such a thing as practicing good manners in our daily dining adventures. Chewing with your mouth open or double dipping are two such enforced rules, but eating directly from a shared container is one of those things we shouldn't really have to condemn.

With that in mind, please take a look at this man casually sipping directly from the ladle at a branch of Mariano's located in Chicago, Illinois, and prepare to never put anything from a salad bar remotely near your mouth ever again.

Naturally, people are pretty grossed out by what they just saw. The video originally circulated on Reddit before spilling onto Twitter, making the rounds on the r/trashy board, naturally. "Eating the soup straight of the bar, thought it belongs here," posted user Karfunke.

With more than 25,000 reactions on the post, it's fair to say that people are pretty weirded out, while on Twitter the video has already been retweeted around 4,000 times. Of course, people are expressing their complete and utter disgust at what they're seeing, and really, who could blame them?

Fortunately, this video has a kind of happy ending: we were told that the man in question here actually was reported to the necessary authorities, and hopefully, he was punished in accordance with his crime. So, public execution? Either way, no matter how hungry I am, I'm definitely never hitting up the salad bar in a grocery store after that.

That was super gross.