Experts are baffled by bizarre creatures seen in viral video

Experts are baffled by bizarre creatures seen in viral video

A mother and son have totally confused the internet after sharing pictures of as-yet unidentified creatures discovered in their home.

Experts confirm they are unable to identify the creatures featured in a video recorded out in Auckland in New Zealand, as Tim Clerke visited his mother hoping to answer a rather bizarre request. Asking his social media friends for help identifying something he described as being "out of a horror movie", he says his mum found them crawling around her kitchen floor.

"My mother found these on the kitchen floor this morning. One is still alive. Anyone know what they are? Nikki [Tim's wife] is horrified and will have nightmares for weeks," Clerke said, while his Facebook friends were none the wiser as to what the creatures could be.

One claimed that the creatures were the "detached legs of a moth", while another added: "it's like someone cut the bottom end off of baby mouse." Another person said they hoped that Tim was making it up, saying: "I'd like to believe it was a hoax, then I could sleep better."

But nobody could agree on what the creatures could be, and biological experts were similarly confused by the video, which was seen over 3,000 times on Facebook.

Unidentified creatures Credit: Facebook

The strange creatures, which are brown and furry with long tails, are mostly motionless, but one of those creatures can be seen wiggling around. While some corners (including the University of Auckland) have suggested that the video might be a hoax, the entomology team at Biosecurity New Zealand suspect that these are the detached legs of a moth.

"They suggest that something [possibly a cat] had just recently eaten the body of the moth, which may explain why a few of the legs were still twitching," explained a spokesperson from Biosecurity New Zealand, while insect expert Eric Edwards suspects that the creatures could be a type of rat-tailed maggot.

Rat-tailed maggots are the larvae of hoverflies, and one of their defining characteristics is a tube-like tail which allows the maggots to breathe underwater. Last month, a backpacker named Guy Shlomi took to Facebook to ask for identification on a strange creature he had found.

Tim Clerke and Wife Nikki Credit: Facebook

"Just another alien in Australia…" he captioned on his video of a creature he discovered at Victoria’s Lake Bolac while travelling through the country, showing a sausage-shaped bug crawling along a white fabric, before falling over on its side.

"I had never seen something like that so I grabbed him with my hand and showed him to my friends and we started to wonder what it is?" recalled Shlomi, who was visiting Australia from Israel. On Facebook, people were similarly confused.

"That’s so creepy I didn’t even watch it until the end for fear of this being one of those jump scare videos," commented one. While the creature Shlomi discovered was said to be a rat-tailed maggot, the one Tim Clerke found has yet to be definitively identified.