Extreme hoarder is forced to urinate in bottles because she can't get to her bathroom

Extreme hoarder is forced to urinate in bottles because she can't get to her bathroom

Sally-Ann's hoarding problem has gotten so bad that she can no longer get to her bathroom, and her kitchen is so infested with garbage that she's forced to eat sandwiches in her bed.

Sally-Ann has been hoarding for the last 17 years with her cat Custard (whose feces is left unattended all over the flat) and at one point, she says the situation has gotten so bad that her bedroom was infested with carpet bugs, and she even had to start urinating in bottles.

Take a glimpse into Sally-Ann's extreme hoarding life:

"I couldn’t get to the toilet in time because I’d have to climb over all the rubbish so I started urinating in bottles. The cats were sleeping around me as well and they’d end up messing in certain corners of the bedroom. I created a hell basically to live in."

Sally-Ann told her story in the Channel 5 show Hoarders: Buried Alive In My Bedroom, where she said that her hoarding problems began shortly after her mother passed away.

Sally-Ann Hoarder Credit: Channel 5

"I don’t think it’s that I can’t throw stuff away - I can’t be bothered to," explained Sally-Ann, who is unable to work for health reasons.

"I think it began when I moved in on my own. My place used to get untidy anyway, like everyone’s does and then all of a sudden I had to put the bin out and I just thought 'oh my god'. I class myself as a hoarder in the sense of a rubbish hoarder," she explained, and at one point, Sally-Ann's health was actually in jeopardy.

This woman decided to start urinating bottles because she's an extreme cheapskate:

"I was living in pure rubbish, and I mean pure rubbish. You couldn’t see my bed, and from the floor to the ceiling there were piles and piles of black bags dissolving with cat food, rotting food and cat litter - cat faeces and all sorts and I was actually living in that. On top of that I had carpet bugs so they were crawling all over me in my bed."

Dirty Kitchen Credit: Channel 5

It was only when her neighbours complained and Sally-Ann was threatened with eviction by the council that the 47-year-old decided to get help, and hopefully, she can be able to live her life in a much cleaner fashion from now on.