Hilarious video shows woman paying for $26,000 Volkswagen with 66 bags of coins

Hilarious video shows woman paying for $26,000 Volkswagen with 66 bags of coins

We've all saved up a massive amount of change at some point and used it to buy a treat, like a cup of coffee or maybe for some vacation spending money. But can you imagine saving up enough to buy a new car?

A customer hauled 66 bags of coins into a car dealership in China's Cangzhou City, stunning the store clerks. The woman placed an order for a 190,000 yuan ($26,000) Volkswagen Passat, then carried the heavy bags of coins to the shop in three trips.

Check out a video of the store clerks counting the 66 bags of coins:

A dozen employees at the shop squatted on the floor to count the change, which was captured in a hilarious video. The footage shows their hands stained black from touching thousands of coins, plus one worker complaining he has a cramp from counting. The coins were sorted into paper wrappers, then placed into boxes to be taken to the bank.

counting an absurd amount of coins Credit: Newsflare / China-Recorder

According to store manager Mr Jiao, a team of 17 employees sorted the change, which consisted of 1 yuan, 5 jiao, and 1 jiao coins. After three days of meticulous counting, the coins amounted to about 130,000 yuan ($18,800). The customer paid the remainder of the Volkswagen's cost by e-transfer.

Cangzhou Daily reported that the woman owns a small eatery and received the change from her customers. Since depositing coins at the bank would be too much trouble, she chose to save them at home. After ten years, this grew to a massive amount - enough to buy a Volkswagen Passat.

Videos of the coin counting were shared on China's microblogging site, Weibo, to great amusement. Were there better methods to count the coins than by hand over three days? Who knows? It's presumably not a situation car dealerships prepare for!

Well, I'm definitely going to keep saving my change. Maybe in 80 years, I can buy a Lambo!