Insane video shows a man falling through a Waffle House ceiling to fight several people

Insane video shows a man falling through a Waffle House ceiling to fight several people

What is it with Waffle House and crazy disputes that literally have to be seen to be believed? If you told me that a couple of months ago that a guy wearing a snake would try to fight armed security at a Waffle House, I would've slapped you in the face for trying to trick me into believing something that stupid.

But now, there's another weird video emanating from inside a Waffle House, and although it's not as insane as Snake Fu, it's pretty damned close. A chaotic scene unfolded at a Waffle House in Tuscumbia, Alabama (yeah, this didn't even happen in Florida!) when unsuspecting waffle eaters had their meal interrupted by a man literally crashing through the ceiling.

To see the unbelievable incident in all its crazy glory, check out the video below:

How... how do you respond to that, as a loyal and hungry Waffle House customer? Do... you just carry on eating your waffles? Well, these fine diners didn't even have the chance to do that, as the ceiling crasher decided to cap his grand entrance by shoving past other patrons, fighting everyone who tried to help him out after he crashed through the ceiling.

"Don’t go nowhere!" a voice can be heard saying in vain to our man - identified as 27-year-old Wesley Glenn Bost from Birmingham, Alabama by law enforcement. He then ran away from the Waffle House, taking off in his car, before later escaping on foot, according to news outlet WAAY.

Police said that Bost locked himself in the bathroom (reportedly breaking the restaurant's toilet and sink), and from there decided to climb into the ceiling, where police say he planned to break into the Waffle House office to steal some cash and maybe some delicious waffles.

You'll also notice that when he drops down from the ceiling, Bost is not wearing pants.

That's because he tied his jeans to the door to stop police being able to break in. The pair of pants he left behind reportedly had his driver's license, which is how police identified him, and they believed that Bost might have been on drugs at the time of his... incident. Might have been.

Waffle House Credit: Getty

'We're glad everybody's OK - nobody was injured," said Pat Warner, a slightly confused representative for Waffle House, said to Fox News. "We're not sure why this gentleman went into the bathroom and crawled up onto our ceiling," he added. Neither are we, Pat. But then, Warner cracked a little joke that you have to appreciate. "However, we are aware that some people may be confused as to the meaning of a 'drop-in' ceiling."


Oh, and in case you need reminding, here's the Waffle House Snake Fu:

Facebook user BJ Elrod Walters said of the video, "Half naked and neck deep in insulation. That is one smart one right there."

"I'm interested in finding out who he is, if he has whelps and what kind of drugs is in his system. Has to be drugs, surely to goodness no one is soberly this stupid."

Whereas Cameron Wayne simply remarked, "I wouldn't expect this to happen anywhere except Waffle House."

Tuscumbia police Detective Wes Holland says that Bost is still on the run, but when he's caught, he will be expected to face the music on criminal mischief and burglary charges. Police are also saying that there is a second suspect who is as yet unidentified - who apparently was in the car with Bost when he tried his daring heist on the Waffle House.