Lingerie-clad barista foils robbery attempt at coffee stand

Lingerie-clad barista foils robbery attempt at coffee stand

A suspect in a failed robbery at a bikini-barista coffee stand has reportedly been arrested by police. According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, as reported by The Gazette, the man, who has been identified as Lenard Moe, first robbed Babes Espresso in Colorado Springs on January 8 after pointing a gun at one of the employees.

He then came back two days later to rob the stand again but the attempt was foiled by the barista, who simply closed the window through which he was trying to enter.

Check out the foiled robbery attempt below:

The official Facebook page of Babes Espresso went into detail about the incident in the caption for the video:

"Jose or Matthew it's a matter of time... This is despicable and you have my full undivided attention. Babes Espresso was robbed twice this past week, first was Wednesday January 8th at 9:46 p.m. the suspect parked on Parkside north of the building proceeded to re park across the street closer to the building on the North side got out of the car walk to the West window held the Barista at gunpoint demanding money got the money ran to his car and peeled out heading towards Pikes Peak afterwards unknown."

Check out the epic moment a bar patron lights up a cigarette during an armed robbery:

It continues:

"We were robbed again this morning at 5:08 a.m. the suspect can be seen clearly coming out of the Knights Inn hotel from across the street as he makes Way East on Pikes Peak he takes a left on Parkside heading north then enters into the car wash 2 then pull up into his vehicle jumping out with a gun pointing at the Barista in which she closed the window with the bar and he could not get in as he attempted to enter in from the window and from the rear of the building. The suspect was unsuccessful and took off looping around towards Parkside exiting the car wash heading north on Parkside towards Bijou afterwards unknown. This goes without saying that this will be handled."

It was when Moe committed a carjacking on January 28 that police were able to locate him, according to The Gazette. He is currently being held at El Paso County Criminal Justice Center on a $100,000 bond.