Logan Paul vows to visit Antarctica in a bid to prove that the Earth is flat

Logan Paul vows to visit Antarctica in a bid to prove that the Earth is flat

The year 2018 was big for Logan Paul, and not for any particularly good reasons.

He did undoubtedly make a lot of money, but along the way his reputation came under attack for a series of decisions that weren't especially well thought out. With tens of millions of YouTube subscribers to his name, his work has a lot of influence - but not all of it good.

To begin with, he famously came under fire for filming the dead body of a man who had completed suicide in the infamous Aokigahara Forest in Japan, during which many believed that the YouTube star was insensitive. Following this, he was called out for tasing two dead rats for one video, came back to announce his official apology several times, before managing to offend Japan with his other content.

After that, he got into a feud with British YouTuber KSI, who got in frequent online spats with Paul and his brother. Following months of Twitter insults, they agreed to meet up in London, where they would settle the fight in the ring.

That encounter had its own fair share of drama, after the Brit went too far with some of his insults - but they eventually boxed it out, called it a draw, and made a tidy sum for it too.

So, what's Logan been up to lately? Well, it looks like he's set to take on an entirely new and bizarre project: Flat Earth theory.

Not only that, but it looks as if he's been swallowed up by the frequently-disproven conspiracy theory, or at least that's what he wants us to think has happened.

Paul made headlines when he attended the Flat Earth International Conference in Denver last year. "I'm Logan Paul and I think I'm coming out of the Flat Earth closet," he announced to the crowd there - and now he's going one step further.

One of the theories held by Flat Earthers is that the world is surrounded by a giant wall of ice, and what we think of as Antarctica is far from the truth. Now, Paul has said he's embarking on an expedition across Antarctica in order to prove that the Earth is indeed flat. Speaking to Robbie Davidson, founder of the Flat Earth International Conference, he described how he is going to document his journey:

"I am that guy that will make it to the edge. If I’m going to put my name out there (as a Flat Earth supporter), I want to know the facts.

"Some of the best scientists can’t explain gravity; Neil Degrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, in the end, do they even know. I want to explore for myself and keep an open mind. There is a stigma of being a flat-Earther and if I’m going to do it I want to know the facts."

His journey to believe in the theory is to be covered in Paul's documentary The Flat Earth: To The Edge And Back, in which he looks like he's toned back his style to something altogether more serious.

Personally, I think he's going to reveal this all to be a stunt at some point - but that's just me...