Long lost 'ghost' ship washes up on coast after storm

Long lost 'ghost' ship washes up on coast after storm

After storms and gale-force-winds battered the coast of the United Kingdom and Ireland, a long-lost 'ghost ship' has washed up on a cliffside.

The rusted ship was spotted on the rocks of the fishing village of Ballycotton in County Cork in Ireland - seemingly blown onto the shore by Storm Denis. According to a report by BBC News, the 77-meter-long MV Alta was abandoned 17 months ago, and has drifted for thousands of miles over the Atlantic.

Take a look at this footage of the mysterious 'Ghost Ship' in the video below: 

Built way back in 1976, the vessel was abandoned in 2018 after breaking down. The crew was stranded for 20 days, running low on food and water, unable to make the necessary repairs while traveling from Greece to Haiti.

The United States Coast Guard became aware of the ship, which was 1,380 miles southeast of Bermuda at the time, and then arranged for it to be towed to Guyana, in South America. A rescue mission was undertaken to save the crew's 10 passengers and take them to Puerto Rico, after which point the ship was reportedly left abandoned.

Commenting on the discovery in a later interview with the Irish Examiner, RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager John Tattan stated: "This is one in a million. It has come all the way up from the African coast, west of the Spanish coast, west of the English coast and up to the Irish coast. I have never, ever seen anything abandoned like that before."

Meanwhile, director of coastal operations for the Commissioners of Irish Lights Robert McCabe told BBC News: "[The Irish Coast Guard have] had a number of incidents in the Irish Sea like that - if there is no owner, the Commissioners of Irish Lights get involved.He added: "To have a ship drifting around like that for 18 months is not common. For it to have been spotted just once since October 2018 just shows how vast the ocean is."