Man caught in ridiculous predicament on Google Maps street view

Man caught in ridiculous predicament on Google Maps street view

Once upon a time, before CCTV and mass surveillance of public spaces, people could get away with pretty much anything out in the open. These days, however, if you happen to do anything remotely amusing in view of a camera, you'll find yourself going viral on YouTube in just a matter of hours.

Just take the woman who fell through the ceiling of a convenience store last week, for example, or the guy who was caught on film by commuters after scaling an LA freeway sign in his underwear. Even when you think nobody is watching, the chances are you're in proximity of a camera.

However, when this guy was caught in a questionable situation by a Google Streetview car, he almost certainly realised that he was about to be immortalised on some dark corner of the internet somewhere.


Because he's stuck in a bin.

It's not entirely clear how he got himself into the trash can, as the hole his head is poking out of is certainly too small for the rest of his body to have squeezed through. However, it makes sense that the top would be removable - so it's possible that someone else put him in there (perhaps as a drunken joke the night before) and then trapped him by replacing the lid. Or maybe he did it himself in the hopes of freaking out a passerby (though it really can't be comfortable being trapped like that for so long).

Either way, I'm betting he's not best pleased that the moment was caught by a Google car.

However, bin man can be somewhat reassured by the knowledge that there are tons of other people who have been caught in similarly embarrassing situations; like this guy, who's just hanging out on a public bench in nothing but a pair of black undies:

Perhaps the most bizarre thing about this tableau - aside from the compression stockings on the man's legs - is that nobody else seems to be paying much mind to the scenario. In fact, they're all just sitting around as if it's totally normal for some dude to come along and chill in the sunshine with his newspaper and his skimpy briefs.

Still, it doesn't beat this gem of an image:

Or this one:

Or this truly terrifying scene:

After all that, it becomes clear that sometimes a quick Google search can actually bring up more questions than answers. Questions such as "why were those two people having a battle in the middle of a field?" Or "where did those guys get such creepy masks?" And "how on earth did that man get himself trapped in a public bin?"

Unfortunately, we'll probably never know.