Man pre-records message to play at his funeral and leaves mourners in stitches

Man pre-records message to play at his funeral and leaves mourners in stitches

An Irish man's funeral has gone viral on social media this week after he pre-recorded a hilarious message to be played at his own service.

Dubliner Shay Bradley was laid to rest at a local cemetery by his loving family last week. The whole service was filmed by one of the attendees, and as the coffin was lowered into the ground, the voice of Shay can be heard issuing from a set of speakers, joking and putting a smile on the faces of the people who came to mourn him.

Check out the hilarious video of the funeral below: 

Shay can be heard pretending to bang from the inside of the coffin as if he were still alive, stating: "‘Let me out! Where the f*ck am I?!’Hello, hello! Let me out, it’s f*cking dark in here,'' he continued to shout, ''where the f*ck am I? Is that that priest I can hear?"

The footage of the incident was later uploaded to social media by a Twitter user named Ciarán, where it ended up getting a lot of attention from other people who found the video equally hilarious.

Shay's daughter later took to the comments to pay tribute to her departed father, writing: "My Poppabear ... thanks for sharing Ciaran #shayslastlaugh. [sic]"

Meanwhile, Ciaran himself wrote: "He was definitely a man after my own heart. Sorry for your loss. He's making people smile as you can see from the comments. Hope he got the send-off he deserved. I'd say you'll never run out of stories. Thinking of you all. R.I.P. [sic]"

Check out some of the reactions on Twitter to the funeral below:

Videos like this prove that funerals don't always have to be sad occasions. Instead, they can be a celebration of everything great about a person, and all the reasons why they will be missed so much...