Man tries to sell his car on Craigslist and gets the craziest text message ever

Man tries to sell his car on Craigslist and gets the craziest text message ever

The internet is a funny old place and it doesn't get much weirder than Craigslist. The website, which allows people to post adverts for a variety of different things - whether it be jobs, spare rooms, adult personals or selling cars, is a breeding ground for weirdos - as one unlucky seller found out.

Taking to the website, one man called Tyler was looking to sell his classic mini and put it up for sale on Craiglist. The car collector was hoping to find a good home for his car, which he wasn't willing to let go on the cheap. However, one man who appeared in his texts to make an offer couldn't get his head around the fact that the price was firm. What followed, was a bizarre exchange that featured racism, misspelt texts and scenes of an extremely strange nature, check it out below.

After messaging Tyler saying that he is willing to offer $12,000 for the mini, Tyler issue a diplomatic response in which he said people tend to view the cars before they purchase them.

"I think we're too far apart to come to a deal that would make sense for either of us. Most people tend to look at the car first before making an offer, just friendly advice for any other cars you might be looking at. Thanks"

However, the bidder seemed to find the response insulting and instantly went on the attack - adding in a bit of racism for good measure.

"Friendly advice -----> I can't imagine you are selling a lemon and asking for $14 thousand. And to when I buy a car I bring a lunch bag full of 100 dollar bills pay for it and go but 14 for a mini you better throw in a Chinese girl that gives me a massage with happy ending."

Staying polite, Tyler wished the bidder well with his search, but he wasn't taking no for an answer. He came back and offered up $12,500 for the car - which Tyler informed him was "not happening."

Then, the bidder went on a bizarre - almost unreadable - rant in which he accused Tyler of being a Republican and took issue with people driving foreign cars:

"I do t know why you this car is worth 14 thousand. And you probably believe in a America first and believe republicans have all the and how.

"wrong everyone else is. It's a dirty British car not a rare mustang. It a British car not a rare dodge you see you old guy drive a a Chinese car and p"

"ut a. Trump sticker on it at the end of the day you guys are the problem of this great nation we have to wait until you all die be for it once a gain a g

"reat nation I can't a ford a foreign can that's why I buy American car and I am proud of but you probably drive a Lexus to the supermarket."

As a result of the constant messaging, Tyler then informed the man that he wanted $15,000 for the car. Again, this brought about another rant.

"Ask more for a foreign car interesting thing when I travel around the world people don't drive American cars there to proud of there own brands ask $60 thousand. America First"

After Tyler suggested that the bidder sounds like he doesn't even like Mini's, the bidder sais he will invest the money into America (?) and leave Tyler to have their car - calling him an "old fart" for good measure.

Tyler then lets the bidder know that he is, in fact, 25 and that this is the third mini he has sold. The bidder then appears to claim that he is 12 and says that Tyler has sold his cars to "idiots."

"Yes and I 12 Every country has there idiots and there geniuses. What can I tell you . You have luck with the idiots."

I mean, if you're trying to negotiate the price on anything, whether it's a loaf of bread or a car, maybe don't descend into a racist rant. In fact, don't be racist at any time whatsoever.