Man who claims to be a time traveler says he has actual footage of Las Vegas in the year 2120

Man who claims to be a time traveler says he has actual footage of Las Vegas in the year 2120

From time to time, we all imagine what the world is going to look like for our great-grandchildren, and all of their descendants. But, chances are, none of us will ever truly know. That is, perhaps, aside from one person called 'Noah', who claims to be a time traveller who has seen the year 2120.

Noah first hit the news earlier in 2018, telling news outlets that he had come from the year 2030 and knew exactly what the future held. Among his claims for the next 10 years were that President Donald Trump would get re-elected in 2020, that there will be a revolution in Artificial Intelligence and that powerful computers will be worn like Google-style glasses.

Fearing people were sceptical of his allegations - a panic that was well-founded - he agreed to be videoed taking a lie-detector test and allegedly passed with flying colours (although the machine testing him was never shown onscreen in the footage).

Now, Noah - who reportedly lives in South America - has released a new video, one that he claims shows Las Vegas in over 100 years time. The clip first appeared on Youtube channel Apex TV and shows the self-proclaimed 'time traveller' getting out his phone and showing viewers a clip that, he claims, highlights that dramatic impact global warming will have on different areas of the world in the future.

In the phone footage, a view of a futuristic Las Vegas appears - complete with flying cars - having being filmed from the top of a building. Above the modern buildings, red clouds are found in the sky, something that Noah claims shows the extent of the future damage. He says: "The red clouds are global warming. You can see it’s everywhere. I can remember it being incredibly hot. I am pretty sure they are working on it in the future."

However, thousands of people refused to buy his dubious claims, with many viewers commenting to point out cracks in his story. One viewer shot down his allegations, pointing out that he was using a current phone model, writing: "Why is he using a current time phone and not one from the future? The quality looks 3D animated. What utter nonsense. The video is clearly an automated and animated pile of tripe."

Another viewer complained, stating: "Nope. It's a hoax. Great acting. If the video was from the future he would have moved the camera recording to show us all the area. It's a lie."

Previously, Noah alleged he was a high school student when he learned from government agents that time travel was more than just science fiction. After this revelation, he was supposedly recruited into a top-secret program and went on to forge a successful career as a full-time traveller, based in 2030.

However, disaster struck when he became stranded in the wrong year. He has claimed he has family in 2018, but they wouldn't know or recognise the future version of himself and meeting them could spark a chain reaction which could change the course of the future or destroy time itself.

So, are you buying? I'm not too sure...