Michael Jackson superfan has spent $30,000 on surgery to look just like the king of pop

Michael Jackson superfan has spent $30,000 on surgery to look just like the king of pop

Leo Blanco is only 22 years old, but he's already had numerous cosmetic procedures, from botox to liposuction to facial reshaping. All of this is to further his goal of looking exactly like his idol, Michael Jackson.

The King of Pop was himself said to have had numerous cosmetic surgeries throughout his life, some of which were controversial to say the least. Leo, who hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina, is following in his footsteps to take on the iconic look of the departed singer, going under the knife over eleven times.

Leo pays for these extensive procedures by performing for a living, taking on the role of the pop star in more ways than one. However, he still isn't content with how he looks, and still sees himself having more surgery in the future.

"Once you start with the surgeries, there's no limit," he told The Mirror. "It's impossible to have just one or two surgeries done, you want more and more."

Over the years, Leo has had his nose reshaped four times, two surgeries to reshape his ears, three liposuction procedures, in addition to two hyaluronic acid and botox applications to accentuate his cheekbones. But that won't be the end of it."I spent around $30,000," Leo explained. "It was not what I imagined but to reach my dream, it's worth it."

The 22-year-old may have over 40,000 followers on Instagram today, but he didn't exactly have an easy time at high school.

"I've never had many friends at school. I thought that there was something wrong with me and that I had to form my body, so I went to the gym and I bleached my hair blond.

"Despite being muscular and blond, I have never managed to connect with pupils of my age. I can say that today I'm surrounded by people who I love and not with people that the high school imposes on me."

His mother has voiced her concerns about his behaviour, and his plans for further surgery.

"I approve of him being a fan of Michael Jackson and impersonating him, but the plastic surgeries?" she said. "I am worried because he talks about surgeries so calmly, as if he was going to a hairdresser, but I fear that he is going to die in one of the surgeries."

Leo is quite clear that he's willing to keep going with this lifestyle, even if he's meeting opposition along the way:

"I think there are three surgeries missing on my nose, and for sure the chin. I'd like to have my eyebrows a bit more lifted up, this could be done by getting injections.

"I'd like to get a facelift, although all the surgeons refuse to do it because they say I'm not old enough. It's a constant fight between what my parents want, what I want and what the surgeons are willing to do."

Hopefully, Leo listens to expert advice and only undergoes procedures that is safe for him at his still relatively young age.