Mom left mortified after 5-year-old daughter gave her vibrating sex toy to friend as 'friendship bracelet'

Mom left mortified after 5-year-old daughter gave her vibrating sex toy to friend as 'friendship bracelet'

Any parent worth their salt will tell you that, when you've got young kids, it's impossible to hide anything from them. Seriously, if you've got anything private that you don't want your children to find, then you'd better invest in a locker and a sturdy padlock, because otherwise, the little rascals will get their mitts on it.

If you don't believe me then consider the following story a cautionary tale. A mom has ended up inadvertently going viral on social media this week after her 5-year-old daughter found her vibrating sex toy and gave it to a friend as 'friendship bracelet.'

Kahla Maneely, a young mom who hails from Mount Joy in Pennsylvania, received a text from a fellow mother with a picture of her sex toy, along with a captioned that joked that her daughter "might have been in your stuff lol. [sic]"

Mortified, Kahla and her partner Brady Eisenhowe daughter questioned their daughter Myla Eisenhower, who confessed that she'd been rummaging through her parent's room when she'd found the vibrating penis ring, and had thought it would make a cute present for her schoolfriend.

Taking to Facebook to share her account of the shameful incident, Kahla wrote: "Now that the initial mortified feeling is over I cannot stop laughing, I can’t breath 😂😂 I CANNOT make this sh*t up if I tried 😂😭  Someone come get this kid! 😭😭 [sic]"

She added: "For everyone saying how it looks worn, of course it does! You know how many times it must have been dropped, stretched, stepped on etc. from the time she took it up until the time it was found almost 12 hours later! They are cheap, 1 time use ones 😂😂"

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