People are sharing stories about their craziest ever boss and it's wild

People are sharing stories about their craziest ever boss and it's wild

It's a fact that a boss can make or break a job. With a good boss; life is easy. A good manager will look after, put your needs first, and go the extra mile to make the daily grind that little bit more tolerable. They'll hand out bonuses, buy drinks on nights out, and look the other way if you need an extra sick day. If you've got one of these guys looking out for you then take a moment to appreciate them. On the other hand, a bad boss can quickly make your job an utter hell: barking orders, making unrealistic demands, and firing people at the drop of a hat, if you've got one of these bullies breathing down your neck then suddenly going on welfare starts to seem quite appealing.

But best of all are the crazy ones, the wild cards. The eccentrics, whose behaviour is so unpredictable that it keeps the workers on their toes. These are the ones you've got to look out for, because they provide all the hilarious stories. This week, writer and podcast host Chris Caesar asked his Twitter followers: "What's your most insane boss story? Extra points for sh*t that seems unbelievable but actually happened," and the answers were nothing short of genius. Scroll down to check them out.















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