Police officer stops press conference to tackle suspect

Police officer stops press conference to tackle suspect

Detective Senior Sergeant Daren Edwards recently went viral after he tackled a suspect - in the middle of an interview.

The senior officer was taking part in a media briefing outside the Maroochydore Magistrates' Court in Queensland, Australia, when they were interrupted by the sound of shouting. One man was being chased by the other, angrily yelling at him for harassing his teenage daughter with rude comments. That's when Edwards leapt into action.

Here's the now-viral video:

The suspect was just leaving court for a previous public nuisance charge, and had already tried to interrupt the conference earlier on. "Police is not good at all, the police is corrupt, disgusting and they are abusing innocent people like myself," he said to the camera previously.

After he left, he reportedly made various rude comments to a teenage girl. Once she told her father what he had said, her dad chased him down - right into the clutches of Edwards, who happens to be a former rugby player.

The suspect later made further comments that the girl 'wanted attention':

Soon after, officers arrived, and Edwards calmly continued with the interview. In the video, aired by 9News, he joked that his "suit was ready for a dry-clean anyway", and remarked it's been a while since he had made an arrest so dramatically.

"It's just one of those things," he added. "You never know what the job will bring."

The suspect has subsequently been charged with public nuisance and stalking offenses.