Popeyes gives 'Family Feud' contestant $10,000 worth of free chicken after hilarious wrong answer

Popeyes gives 'Family Feud' contestant $10,000 worth of free chicken after hilarious wrong answer

A woman who went viral on social media after getting an answer on the game show, Family Feud, hilariously wrong has ended up with an awesome consolation prize, in the form of more than $10,000 worth of free chicken.

The mortifying gaffe, which was captured on live TV earlier last week, occurred when contestant Eve Dubois dashed her family’s chances at winning $10,000 on an episode of the Canadian version of Family Feud.

In the episode in question, the Dubois family (from Manitoba) squared off against the Tomlin family from Ontario. When the game went into a sudden death round, Eve took the podium to answer a quick-fire question.

Check out the hilarious moment from the episode in the video below:

But at the crucial moment, an anxious Eve spouted the wrong answer in a fit of nerves, when host Gerry Dee asked her to: "Name Popeye’s favorite food."

Dee was, of course, referring to the popular animated character of Popeye The Sailor, who famously ate canned spinach to give himself Herculean strength.  But poor Eve, who was obviously thinking of Popeyes chain of fried chicken, blurted out ''Chicken'' as her answer, thus losing her family the game.

However, it turns out that now Eve's story has a happy ending after all. Popeyes restaurant was so pleased about the free publicity that Eve had given her, that they later tweeted Dubois to telling her that they loved her answer anyway, and intended on awarding her with $10,000 worth of Popeyes fast food.

The restaurant wrote to Dubois: "Our survey says you got that right. DM us to claim your $10,000 worth of Popeyes." Eve was obviously pleased to have gotten some kind of consolation prize out of her embarrassing TV appearance, and enthusiastically replied: "THANK YOU!"

So there you have it: the moral of the story is that sometimes messing up can lead to something almost as good as winning...