'Possible burglar' rescued after spending two days in grease vent of Chinese restaurant

'Possible burglar' rescued after spending two days in grease vent of Chinese restaurant

Earlier this week, emergency services responded to an unusual report: that of a man stuck in the grease vent of a Chinese restaurant. Not only that, but the man - who it thought to have been attempting a robbery - was stuck in this position for two days before he was rescued.

Firefighters rescued him from the roof vent of the restaurant, in San Lorenzo California. Local police have said that he may be a "possible burglar" and have since taken him into custody - once emergency services got a chance to check him over. According to a tweet from the Alameda County Sheriff, he was found at 9:30 AM at a vacant Chinese food restaurant.

Appearing to look like he had been "dipped in oil" to first responders, he was later taken to hospital to be treated for minor injuries. While authorities were initially uncertain with what they could charge him for, it has been reported that they may include misdemeanor trespass and vandalism, and he may have to pay for damage to restaurant equipment.

Firefighters on the scene first heard moaning coming from inside the building, before they found him stuck in the duct of the hood and duct system above the stove. The response was upgraded to a rescue, and he was then extracted from the vent system within 30 minutes. “Had he not been found today, we could be having a whole different conversation,” a first responder added.

Sgt Ray Kelly, from the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, also published a statement on the incident onto their official Facebook page, in which he described how a citizen reported hearing a faint voice calling for help from the restaurant:

"When first responders arrived on scene, they could hear the voice and quickly determined it was coming from a roof vent atop the restaurant. A ladder was extended and personnel were able to locate a 29 year old man trapped in a sheet metal grease duct running from the roof to the kitchen.

"The man was covered in grease and oil and was trapped in such a condition that he could not move. Firefighters quickly went to work and after almost an hour were able to extract the man from the metal duct. The man was physically exhausted and suffering from dehydration. He was transported via ambulance to a local hospital for treatment."

"We are very thankful to our citizen reporter and our firefighters for saving this man," the statement concluded. "It is likely he wound not have survived another day given the circumstances. The suspect is expected to make a full recovery."

Kelly also confirmed that an investigation into the trespassing man is still underway, but the statement explained that it was still unknown if the suspect had intended to commit a burglary. Although, if it wasn't for a burglary, the man's reason for getting into this situation is more than a little curious. The case is set to be submitted to the district attorney.