Three naked women arrested after leading state troopers on a chase

Three naked women arrested after leading state troopers on a chase

Three women have been arrested after they led police on a high-speed pursuit: completely naked.

WCJB reports that at 11.15 am on April 12, a Florida state trooper was dispatched to the suspicious persons call at a rest stop south of State Road 54. When the trooper arrived on scene, she discovered three naked women there, who told the trooper they had just showered and were drying their hair.

Oasis Shakira McLeod, Jeniyah McLeod and Cecilia Eunique Young then ran off, and made a bid for escape in a Nissan Sentra, travelling southbound. The trooper called for backup, and soon the cops were in pursuit of the three fugitives.

Eventually, the cops were able to stop their car at a convenience store parking lot. While one trooper attempted to take one of the women into custody, another one purposely drove directly at them in a bid to knock them down, while another fended off law enforcement with a metal bat.

The women then climbed back into their car, and managed to escape police again!

The dramatic chase finally ended at in Dade City, when the car was brought to a permanent halt. A state trooper was forced to smash the vehicle's windows, after the three nude women refused to get out, interlocking their arms together.

All three were then tasered and taken into custody, later facing incarceration at the Pasco County Jail. The guilty three women were charged with fleeing to elude, resisting arrest, aggravated assault and lewd acts.

Commenting on the alarming incident, Norma Urig (who made the initial suspicious persons call) stated: "What if [my grandchildren] had been with me? That's not something I would what them to see ... [the police] are there to protect us. What if someone desperately needed an officer or medical care while you're playing goose with them?"