'Time traveler' born in 2043 reveals when World War III will happen

'Time traveler' born in 2043 reveals when World War III will happen

Welcome to 2018, the year where literally everyone claims to be a time traveler. Since the turn of the year, there has been a notable rise in people telling us that they're from the future and giving us some scary predictions.

First of all, there was the guy who claimed to be from the year 2030 and said he knew who the winner of the 2020 election was. Then, there was a man from the year 6000, who apparently had photographic evidence from the future, but he had to blur his face and distort his voice so that "the government" wouldn't find him. More recently, however, a woman from the 22nd century who said she'd already visited the '50s and '80s, but was stopping by in 2018 to say... well, not much, to be honest.

But now, we have a man who was born in 2043 and has arrived in 2018 to make some shocking claims.

Michael Phillips uploaded a bizarre video onto his YouTube channel in which he claims that North Korea will go to war with the US. Like all the other legitimate time travelers, Michael makes sure to use a voice distorter in order to keep his identity sealed. The man claims that a government agency sent him back through time in a machine of possible alien origin.

In the video, he says:

“Hello, my name is Michael and I have quite the story to tell you.

“I am a time traveler. Yes.”

Phillips claims he was born in 2043 and says that he joined the army at the age of 18 before being picked for time travel experiments.

Describing what will become of the world in 30 years time, he says:

“I do want to tell you about North Korea because they do attempt to launch a nuclear weapon at the US – that happens later on this year in late 2018.

“Hopefully we can change the timeline so it doesn’t happen. That’s a partial reason for creating this video. North Korea does attempt to attack a US territory – that’s what I’ll call it – in response the US sends two cruise missiles laden with nuclear tips. Two of those to Pyongyang.

“Unfortunately what happens as a result of this nuclear exchange, in 2019 World War 3 does happen. It kicks off.

“It wasn’t an unlimited war – nowhere near the scale of World War 1 or World War 2, however, I have to try and stop it from happening. I don’t want people to die.”

Phillips also claims that the world will suffer from several natural disasters, leaving parts of it inhospitable for human life. But, he does claim that by 2025, humans will have step foot on Mars.

Of course, given the nature of his claims, everything Michael says should be taken with a pinch of salt. There is no hard evidence to suggest that time travel is possible and it's more than likely that Michael and his merry band of travelers are just pulling our legs.