Weird new trend has men painting glittery Easter eggs on their butts

Weird new trend has men painting glittery Easter eggs on their butts

We all like to celebrate the holidays in different ways. For some people, Easter is a time when people only indulge in traditional egg-themed forms of entertainment, like painting them, hunting them, eating them, and rolling them down hills. A lot of folks have forgotten the origins behind these practices, but all traditions have got to start somewhere I guess.

But now a very weird Easter trend has taken over Instagram, and it's definitely NSFW. It involves grown men stripping nude, and having all kinds of cute and colourful eggs painted on their bare buttocks. Yes, you did read that last sentence right, and I assure you that it looks every bit as unusual as it sounds.

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The trend originated in a 2016 Buzzfeed article, which was intended as a springtime celebration of the male gluteus maximus. However, the trend has made an unexpected comeback, and now Instagram is awash with pictures of painted bottoms - which some people have appreciated, with others haven't. Suffice to say, I don't these guys would want their face in the pictures - their cheeks would be burning with shame! Scroll down to check out some of our favourite examples below:














However, these bare butts aren't the only thing to have provoked a lot of discussion on social media this spring. Check out this article we penned a while back, all about the furore over a supposedly 'racist' Easter product, which was abruptly pulled from store shelves in the UK after social media users expressed major outrage over it.