Woman bizarrely claims that Eminem is her father and says she has 'proof'

Woman bizarrely claims that Eminem is her father and says she has 'proof'

It's a fact of life that we all lie. While some people may try and deny that they're a liar, we've all been guilty of at least "distorting the truth." Whether it's simply saying you didn't eat the last cookie out the jar, or watching that final episode of the series without your partner, there are multiple ways in which we lie and, of course, some lies are more serious than others.

Take this 20-year-old woman who appeared on Dr Phil, for example. Hayley made her first appearance on the show in 2016, after her mother asked Phil for his help with her daughter, who she alleges is a compulsive liar. In that episode, Hayley made the claim that her dad was Eminem. Understandably, people doubted the girl's claim, saying that it was simply an outright lie. However, last year, Hayley returned with "proof" that her father was, in fact, Marshall Mathers.

Speaking on the show back in 2016, Hayley told Dr Phil that her "mom has pictures of a guy that looks just like Eminem, and I'm sitting on his lap."

Now, however, she's back to share the photo with the audience, all the while explaining that the man in the photo uses the name, Mikey... not Marshall.

In order to put an end to the madness, Dr Phil got in touch with Mikey - who looks absolutely nothing like Eminem - and he gave a statement to the show in which he said: "My name is Michael. Kristi is my half-sister...I am Haley and Adrianna's uncle. I am not Eminem but I did look like him and was mistaken for him my 20s."

To me, it sounds like Mikey is also a compulsive liar - absolutely no one mistook you for Eminem, did they, Mikey?

Even after hearing the statement being read out to her, Hayley refused to believe the what Phil was saying, with the 20-year-old saying: "He looks just like him. There's no way."

Not only this, but in a bizarre twist to this already strange story, Hayley had also been going around telling people that Dr Phil was her uncle and when he asked her if she still thought that, she replied, "maybe".

"Would that make me Eminem's brother?" He asked. To which Hayley - seemingly confused by her spiral of lies - replied: "Would it? No, that would probably make you his dad."

Sorry, what? I am lost now.

Then, when it was put to her that if Dr Phil was indeed Eminem's dad we'd all know about it, she said: "Well, people that are famous usually tend to not say 'hey this is my dad' because he's famous, too. And sometimes they have kids they don't even know about."

Sorry Hayley, but no one is buying your story. Not only does Mikey look nothing like Eminem, but even if he did - why would Eminem call his daughters Hayley and Hailie? That's just way too confusing.