Woman filmed appearing to bite chicken seller's hand while trying to free bird

Woman filmed appearing to bite chicken seller's hand while trying to free bird

A female tourist has been captured on camera biting a chicken seller's hand in Morocco in an attempt to free a chicken from its cage.

The dramatic encounter took place in Tangiers, northwestern Morocco last month and has since gone viral on Twitter, with many criticizing the individual in question.

The footage, posted by Twitter page, Africa Facts Zone, starts with the woman confronting the trader and the group of locals around him, while yelling "are you all that uneducated?" and "you can’t read". She also sticks her middle finger up at the camera.

Take a look at the incident here:

The locals can be seen banding together to stop the British tourist from breaking the cages, while the latter continues shouting at them. Seeking to help the chickens, who are kept in cages, the woman tells the seller: "You don't treat animals like that."

According to the MailOnline, the woman was detained by the crowd following the hostile encounter. When the police arrived, she was reportedly taken to hospital with hysteria, as opposed to being put under arrest.

The footage has since garnered an astonishing 4.58M views and plenty of responses in which the tourist was largely criticized for the way she handled the situation.

"She doesn’t seem to realise that those chickens mean income to this man and his family." one user writes.

"Oh my word," another adds. "This is so uneducated on her part it’s amazing."

"Aren't those chicken for sale?" wrote a third. "Why didn't she buy all of them and do whatever she feels is right for them after?"

The MailOnline reports that the vendor allegedly chose not to press charges.