Woman films herself eating a rice ball out of a urinal in order to 'prove how clean it is'

Woman films herself eating a rice ball out of a urinal in order to 'prove how clean it is'

To the vast majority of my friends, family and extremely disgruntled ex-lovers, I have been known for sometimes going too far to prove a point. "Stubborn", if you like.

Whether you're talking about the best Batman film of all time (which is obviously Batman Begins - fight me) or the correct pronunciation of the word 'rant', I've probably driven away a few friends and ruined at least one romantic relationship with my seemingly-endless energy for a good argument.

Sometimes, it's about the thrill of the debate and at other times, I just really, really want to be proven correct, but in the future, I should really establish a limit to my arguing. Otherwise, I'll end up doing something stupid on camera to prove my mundane point, and then end up getting written about by a cool person on a website.

How awful would that be?

To that end, while I sympathise (and even empathise) with this lady from China in front of a urinal, who is surely just trying to prove a point. I feel, however, like this video has demonstrated she's gone a little too far.

Just imagine yourself in her shoes.

You're probably going about your day at this Chinese tea factory, when your boss calls you into the bathroom. There, he or she points at the urinals, criticising your cleaning skills with a stern, scolding tone. But as a urinal cleaner worth your salt, you do not take this affront to your craftsmanship lying down.

"No, I did clean the urinal properly! You could eat out of this thing!"

Your boss is about to disagree, but then they notice the wild look in your eye, and they immediately realise that you are not about to back down. "Just... just remember to use the bleach next time," they begin to say, but it is already too late; you have already taken the rice balls out of your pocket, your chopsticks at the ready for what you're hoping won't count as your lunch break.

"Get your camera out," you say, plopping the rice balls into the urinal.

That must be - I hope - what's gone on here, as this woman eats rice balls out of a urinal, with the video courtesy of the New York Post. Making sure to thoroughly splash the rice balls in the water (I've heard this seals in the 'flavour'), our very brave - maybe foolish - urinal cleaner chows down on her meal. “It still has water inside,” she reportedly says, as she inserts into her mouth.

She doesn't even flinch.

“It is the same as frying food," she adds, though I'd like to add that this is absolutely wrong - it is not like frying food. Like, fundamentally. I really hope you weren't eating lunch while watching this, but even so, let's spare a thought for the guy who's probably off-camera, wishing everyone would just go away so he can finally use the bathroom.

He's bursting.