Brother kills his sister during argument over the WiFi password

Brother kills his sister during argument over the WiFi password

An 18-year-old named Kevon Watkins was been found guilty of killing his own sister after she changed his family’s WiFi password.

Watkins, who hails Macron in Georgia, strangled his 20-year-old sister Alexus Breanna Watkins to death in their home, after the two of them got into an argument over the WiFi in their home.

According to court documents obtained from the Macon District Attorney’s Office, Watkins was a keen player of online video games, but was left frustrated by his mother and sister's web browsing, which was slowing down the connection to the servers he was playing on.

Alexus changed the password back, which enraged her brother and led him to argue with his mother about the WiFi issue. When Kevon seemed to move to attack his mother, his sister intervened in the altercation and was instead attacked by him.

Watkins’ younger brother and his mother both called 911 during the furious melee, but Kevon placed Alexus in a choke-hold and asphyxiated her before police arrived at the scene. Although she was treated at the scene by paramedics and rushed to the hospital, doctors were unable to resuscitate her, and she died that same night.

Watch this footage recorded at Kevon's trial: 

Court documents show that  Court Judge Verda Colvin stated: "When [Kevon's brother] called, he said the following: 'My brother is trying to hit my mother.' The dispatcher asked: 'Is he on medication?' And the 13-year-old said, 'No. He’s just crazy … He put her in a chokehold, threatening to beat my mom trying to get him off my sister.'"

Meanwhile, DA David Cooke added: "This act of violence resulted in an unspeakable tragedy for this family. I hope this verdict and sentence closes the door on this chapter of their lives and that they will be able to begin to heal."