Five-year-old girl hailed as rising Instagram star because of her long, luscious hair

Five-year-old girl hailed as rising Instagram star because of her long, luscious hair

Watch out, Model With Striking Unibrow and Foul-Mouthed, Flexin' Lil' Tay. There's a new Instagram star on the rise: Mia Aflalo from Tel Aviv, Israel. She's only five years old, but she's got over 50,000 followers on The Gram, and has already appeared in British Vogue. All it takes is one glance at her photos to see why: She has unbelievably long, beautiful hair.

Mia often models glamorous princess gowns and fancy jewelry, but it's her voluminous locks that really caught people's attention. Don't get the wrong impression, though - she's no diva. Her stylist, Sagi Dahari, told The Daily Mail "Princess Mia" never complains or argues. Rather, she prefers to "wait patiently and smile at everyone."

The 5-year-old gets a lot of compliments for her luscious hair, but not everyone's a fan. Some people caught major Toddlers & Tiaras vibes, and criticized the mother for thrusting her daughter into the spotlight. Sure, children love to play dress-up, but should a five-year-old be exposed to extensions and beauty products? Is this innocent fun, or a mother treating her daughter like a doll?

One person commented, "You should stop exposing her to the world and start protecting her." Another wrote, "Exploiting her at such a young age is wrong. Let her be a kid, play around and get dirty not used as your personal doll." Another claimed, "It’s not just the friends you want to impress who go on Instagram, there are bad people everywhere. You are endangering her life as well as her present and future mental health."

Others expressed concern about hair products: "I’m just wondering if you’re using a hot iron and spray in her hair. Won’t it ruin her hair growth and possibly give her hair loss issues when she’s older?"

However, many IG users defended Mia and her parents. One woman wrote, "I hardly think this child cares how she looks for random strangers on the internet. She most likely feels beautiful and confident, as she is!" Others chimed in with "Stunning little lady" and "Look how much hair this little girl has, she's beautiful!"

Meanwhile, one person was jealous, joking, "I hate myself a little more now that ive seen a 5 year old with more hair on her head than all the hair i have on my body."

Well, fight it out, internet!

We all aspire to be beautiful, suffering on the treadmill to burn calories and denying ourselves french fries in favor of stupid, horrible vegetables. However, some people won the genetic lottery, and were just born with perfect skin, teeth, bodies and hair. It sucks, but  remember, nobody's perfect. We all have unique traits that others envy, and no one can totally replicate.

Oh, and you better watch your back Mia. This five-year-old child was recently dubbed 'the most beautiful girl in the world.' You've got competition!