Man so distracted by his own phone that he appears to miss an armed robbery

Man so distracted by his own phone that he appears to miss an armed robbery

Smartphones are amazing, giving us instant access to everything we could possibly want. Whenever you have a spare second, you can check your messages, play a stupid game, browse matches on a dating app, and read the latest news on awesome websites like this one. But on the downside, we go through life looking like fools, hunched over, head bowed, eyes glued to our screens. You run the risk of missing something amazing, or deadly important, in the real world.

At a bar in Nova Serrana, located in the Brazilian state of Minas Gervais, a security camera captured an unbelievable moment. A robber bursts through door, waving a handgun, and all of the customers put their hands up or drop to the floor. That is, everybody but one: a lone man at the bar, so distracted by his phone he didn't notice the chaos.

Man on phone at bar during armed robbery Credit: CCTV

The man has been identified by locals as Jose Carlos de Almeida. In the video, we see the thief go behind the bar and steal cash from the register, while Jose continues calmly scrolling his phone. Then the burglar flees the scene, reportedly via motorbike. At this point, Jose finally looks up and is shocked to discover that he was so distracted by his phone, he just missed an armed robbery.

The CCTV video went viral, and everyone wondering what the phone addict was doing. Was he flirting with someone on Tinder? Playing a riveting round of Fruit Ninja? Reading an article about how 'pumpkin butts' are the hottest new trend? Maybe he did notice what was happening, and was googling "what to do in an armed robbery."

To see the unbelievable CCTV footage for yourself, check out the video below:

While speaking to reporters, Jose revealed that he was using a messaging service and attempted to explain his behavior. "I really didn't see anything," said Jose. "The music was loud, and I didn't realize the bar was being robbed. It's a good thing I didn't see because I don't know how I would've reacted. It's also good that the thief didn't steal my phone, it cost me 700 BRL [$192] or my motorbike which was just outside." (Evidently, the thief left on a different motorbike.)

Some people think Jose might have been in on the crime, since this situation is so outlandish. However, the owner of the bar, Beatriz Maria dos Santos Barbosa, insists that Jose is a "hard-working man" who had "nothing to do with the robbery." The owner added that the thief shouted "robbery" as he entered the bar - but apparently, Jose didn't hear it.

Naturally, the CCTV footage prompted a lot of reactions online - some humorous, others claiming that the incident must have been staged.

One YouTube viewer wrote, "Your safe! when u mind your own business [sic]."

A second added, "When bae be sending nudes..."
Whereas a third remarked, "Phone dude doesn't sit right with me. I'm calling fake."
The police are investigating the robbery, and no arrests have been made so far. I imagine Jose won't be much help for the investigations, since he didn't look up from his phone. So, make sure you don't get too distracted by your amazing device - you might miss a beautiful sunset or a terrifying armed robbery.