Man uncovers skull in potato patch along with his wife's bizarre secret

Man uncovers skull in potato patch along with his wife's bizarre secret

Once you've been around the block enough times in life, you're bound to have a few skeletons in your closet. Perhaps there's a shady ex in your past that you'd rather not mention, or maybe there was a time in your younger years where you did some things that were - ahem - not quite legal.

We'd like to hope, however, that we'll never encounter anyone who has actual skeletons lurking around on their property. But that isn't always possible.

A gardener from Luzino, a village in the Omsk region of Siberia, recently found a human skull while planting potatoes on the land he shared with his wife. Immediately suspecting foul play, the unnamed man told his wife about the discovery, and probably expected her to be as shocked as he was.

Instead, the wife - whose identity is also being withheld - revealed that she had a confession to make: she knew all about the skull and was well aware of its presence in the vegetable patch.

"Don't worry - it's my first husband," the 60-year-old woman reportedly said.

She then proceeded to tell her partner that the owner of the skull had died more than 20 years earlier... but not of natural causes. The woman then went on to explain that she had killed the man with an axe, before calmly instructing the gardener to "bury the remains again, forget about it, and we won't tell the police".

Unfortunately for her, the man ignored her instructions and immediately reported the human remains to authorities. He also told them that he knew the cause of death, and said that his wife had confessed to the murder.

When confronted by police, the woman said that she'd acted in self-defence. "He came home drunk and beat me," she said, and claimed that she had struck the 52-year-old man with an axe - killing him in the process. After that, she dismembered him, buried him in the potato patch in her garden, and then fabricated a story about him having gone to work and never coming home afterwards.

The self-confessed killer also aided police by reenacting how the crime had occurred and demonstrated the killing blow by swinging an axe in a crime reconstruction.

A criminal investigation was opened immediately, and - upon clearing the vegetable patch on the couple's land - police officers discovered more bones. It is not clear whether or not the remains all belong to the same body, but the 60-year-old woman has been ordered to remain under house arrest while police work on the case.

As it stands, she faces charges of willful killing. Bizarrely, though, this only carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison in this scenario - meaning that, even if she is sentenced, she could still return to society and live as a free woman in not much time at all.

It is not clear whether the woman's husband was ever in danger of meeting the same fate as his predecessor, but a local said of the situation: "By planting potatoes this man may have saved his own life."

The case continues.